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Red Resin Elder Futhark Runes - 25 Pc Set - Black Hand-painted Rune Letters - Handmade

Red Resin Elder Futhark Runes - 25 Pc Set - Black Hand-painted Rune Letters - Handmade

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Experience the ancient power of Elder Futhark Runes with our Red Resin Runes Set. Handmade with care and attention to detail, these runes are hand-painted in black and made from high-quality resin material.

The set includes 25 runes, each with a unique symbol representing an aspect of life or nature. Use them for divination, meditation, or decoration, and tap into the wisdom of the Norse gods and goddesses.

With their vibrant red color and beautiful design, these runes make a great addition to any spiritual practice or collection. Order yours today and unlock the secrets of the Elder Futhark!

1. Fehu - Wealth and prosperity
2. Uruz - Strength and courage
3. Thurisaz - Protection and defense
4. Ansuz - Communication and wisdom
5. Raido - Journey and progress
6. Kenaz - Creativity and inspiration
7. Gebo - Gift and sacrifice
8. Wunjo - Joy and happiness
9. Hagalaz - Disruption and change
10. Nauthiz - Need and resistance
11. Isaz - Ice and stillness
12. Jera - Harvest and reward
13. Eihwaz - Endings and new beginnings
14. Perthro - Mystery and fate
15. Algiz - Protection and connection
16. Sowilo - Victory and success
17. Tiwaz - Justice and honor
18. Berkana - Growth and fertility
19. Ehwaz - Partnership and teamwork
20. Mannaz - Humanity and community
21. Laguz - Water and intuition
22. Ingwaz - Fertility and new beginnings
23. Dagaz - Awakening and clarity
24. Othala - Ancestral heritage and home
25. Blank Rune (Wyrd) - Unknown futureand possibility.


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