HELP FORM: Texas Witch Box Subscription - Late/Missing Orders

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> Fill out HELP FORM here.

Click on the link and fill out your information. Make an account through this website with correct updated address information for shipping. It’s important for you to make an account through this website so we can contact you directly.

Our COVID Shutdowns: 

During 2020 and 2021 - Kay’s Magic experienced multiple company shutdowns due to COVID and related tragedies. Some shutdowns (particularly the first one during the early pandemic) spanned across multiple months due to not having any staff. Our employees have experienced much loss and heartache during this time.

In addition to the owner (Kay), the warehouse staff, and her family battling multiple COVID infections, Kay also lost her father at the same time. Across the board, our team and family experienced multiple losses with family and friends, hospitalizations, and even home evictions. 

Due to our shutdowns, we lost access to most of our customer information and addresses. Our subscription platform was hosted by a 3rd party and we were not able to continue our paid subscription to their service during our shutdown. We cannot update accounts without new information from our customers.

During this time, we are aware that many orders were late and/or missing. We are working to replace, refund, and reship those orders every day. We want to make our customers happy. Sending these orders to each and every one of you has been our joy!

As a new company that opened in October of 2019, the blows from the pandemic have been devastating to us and our families. We hope to be around still in a couple of years time and we have no plans to give up. 

Important Notices about Social Media: 

***Please be aware that we do not communicate through any social media platforms about sensitive customer information.

We will not reach out to you through social media to correct your account; anyone who says they are representing the company though any form of social media is trying to scam you.

***All official communication must come through our official channels (this website). Kays Magic does not currently have any official social media channels in use for the company.

Accounts seen on social media platforms were made and ran by former employees - the owner of Kay’s Magic does not have access to many of these accounts due to two-factor authentication, lost login information, or ownership.

Please do not send personal information to these accounts. You must make an account through this site and fill out the form to be notified of updates or corrections to your account.

More Information:

Many accounts have already been resolved, however, we need your help. If you placed an order and have NOT received any action on your account, we need to hear from you. 

Please submit your information in the contact form. Due to certain circumstances and for security reasons, we can only receive claims through this form and website. 

The information we need from you includes the name on your account, the email address linked to your account, and a current shipping address. 



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