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Lavender Sleep Spell Small Votive Candle

Lavender Sleep Spell Small Votive Candle

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Introducing our Lavender Sleep Spell Small Votive Candle, the perfect addition to your bedtime routine. Made with high-quality ingredients, this candle is specially crafted to promote deep relaxation and peaceful sleep.

The soothing scent of lavender is known for its calming properties, helping to quiet the mind and alleviate stress and anxiety. Simply light the Lavender Sleep Spell Small Votive Candle before bed and allow the gentle flicker of the flame and the calming aroma to lull you into a restful slumber.

Please note that it is important to never leave a burning candle unattended or fall asleep with a lit candle. Always extinguish the candle before leaving the room or going to sleep.

The small votive size makes this candle perfect for use in small spaces, such as bedrooms or meditation areas. Each candle is hand-poured with care and intention, making it a thoughtful and meaningful gift for anyone seeking better sleep and relaxation.

Please note that individual results may vary, and we do not guarantee specific outcomes. However, our Lavender Sleep Spell Small Votive Candle has been crafted with the intention of promoting deep relaxation and restful sleep.

Order now and start enjoying the benefits of a good night's sleep with our Lavender Sleep Spell Small Votive Candle.

Triangle candles are small flat triangle candles with 15 min max burn time for quick rituals

Small votives last 1-2 hours

Standard votives burn for 4-6 hours


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