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Large Crystal Candle, 12oz - Triple Moon Resin Tray (Reusable), Witch Crystal Candle, Mystery Crystal Candle

Large Crystal Candle, 12oz - Triple Moon Resin Tray (Reusable), Witch Crystal Candle, Mystery Crystal Candle

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This is not your ordinary candle - its a unique and luxurious experience that you wont find anywhere else. With 20-30 crystals per candle, including large crystal points, large tumbled stones, large rough stones, and small crystal chips, this candle is the perfect way to bring positive energy and light into your home.

Not only does this candle provide a beautiful and relaxing ambiance, but it also comes in a reusable triple moon tray that can be used in multiple ways. The handmade resin tray is perfect for using as a candle holder, an altar tray, altar decor, home decor, or even as a rolling tray. And when it comes time to clean out the wax, simply use a hair dryer on high and wipe the wax out - its that easy!

However, we do want to remind you that candles should always be used with caution. Please do not touch hot wax or attempt to remove stones while the candle is still burning. With proper care, this Large Crystal Candle and Triple Moon Resin Tray will bring you joy and relaxation for many months to come.

Here are the magical correspondences of each crystal included in the candle:

- Tigers Eye: protection, grounding, courage
- Orchid Calcite: creativity, inspiration, emotional healing
- Green Aventurine: abundance, prosperity, good luck
- Red Aventurine: vitality, sexuality, creativity
- Black Tourmaline: protection, grounding, purification
- Red Carnelian: courage, confidence, creativity
- Ocos Agate: stability, strength, grounding
- Tree Agate: balance, harmony, growth
- Rose Quartz: love, compassion, emotional healing
- Crazy Lace Agate: joy, laughter, positivity
- Fire Quartz: passion, creativity, motivation
- Clear Quartz: amplification, clarity, manifestation
- Lapis Lazuli: wisdom, truth, intuition
- Amethyst: spiritual awareness, intuition, calming
- Citrine: abundance, success, manifestation
- Unakite: emotional balance, grounding, self-love
- Red Jasper: stamina, determination, grounding
- Black Obsidian: protection, grounding, releasing negativity
- Yellow Jasper: confidence, courage, mental clarity
- Labradorite: magic, intuition, transformation
- Sodalite: communication, logic, truth
- Mahogany Obsidian: strength, protection, grounding
- Amazonite: harmony, balance, emotional healing

As you can see, each crystal has its own unique properties and benefits. Imagine how powerful it would be to have all of these crystals combined in one candle!


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