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Truth Votive Spell Candle

Truth Votive Spell Candle

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The color blue is often associated with truth and communication, making it a powerful choice for those seeking to enhance their ability to speak their truth and communicate effectively.

The Truth Votive Spell Candle also contains a blend of herbs and essential oils that are believed to support honesty and clarity  

To use the Truth Votive Spell Candle, simply light the candle and focus on your intentions for speaking your truth and communicating effectively. You may choose to recite affirmations or perform other spiritual practices to enhance the candle's effects.

As with all of our products, we cannot guarantee specific results, but we are happy to provide advice on how to use the candle effectively. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.

To use affirmations with this votive candle, you may want to choose a statement that resonates with your intention for speaking your truth and communicating effectively.

For example, you might repeat "I speak my truth with honesty and clarity" or "I am confident and assertive in my communication".

By repeating your chosen affirmation while focusing on the candle's flame, you can infuse your energy into the candle and amplify your intentions. You may also want to perform other spiritual practices such as meditation or visualization to further enhance the candle's effects.


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