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Black Obsidian Runes (Set of 25) Hand Engraved Set

Black Obsidian Runes (Set of 25) Hand Engraved Set

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Each of the 25 runes in this set has been carefully hand-engraved, creating a beautiful and unique finish that is sure to impress. Made from black obsidian stone, these runes are believed to bring clarity and focus to your readings, while also helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Whether youre an experienced rune reader or just starting out, this Black Obsidian Runes set is the perfect addition to any spiritual practice. With its rich history and powerful symbolism, this set is ideal for anyone looking to connect with their intuition and explore the mysteries of the universe. Add this beautiful Black Obsidian Runes set to your cart today and start experiencing the magic for yourself!

Each set contains 24 carved stones plus one blank.

1. Fehu - wealth, abundance
2. Uruz - strength, energy
3. Thurisaz - protection, defense
4. Ansuz - communication, wisdom
5. Raidho - journey, movement
6. Kenaz - creativity, inspiration
7. Gebo - partnership, exchange
8. Wunjo - joy, happiness
9. Hagalaz - disruption, chaos
10. Nauthiz - need, necessity
11. Isa - stillness, patience
12. Jera - harvest, reward
13. Eihwaz - endurance, perseverance
14. Perthro - mystery, hidden knowledge
15. Algiz - protection, defense
16. Sowilo - success, enlightenment
17. Tiwaz - justice, victory
18. Berkano - growth, nurturing
19. Ehwaz - movement, progress
20. Mannaz - self-awareness, community
21. Laguz - intuition, emotions
22. Ingwaz - fertility, potential
23. Dagaz - transformation, new beginnings
24. Othala - inheritance, family

*A different set of runes is being carved in the product photo than what is listed, however, those are obsidian runes. You will receive Obsidian Elder Futhark Runes.


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