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Amazonite, Tumbled

Amazonite, Tumbled

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Amazonite is a beautiful, tumbled stone that features a stunning turquoise-green color with white striations. This natural gemstone is highly sought after for its unique appearance and believed metaphysical properties.

According to metaphysical beliefs, Amazonite is known as the "Stone of Courage" and is believed to promote strength and confidence in oneself. It is said to have a calming energy that can help to reduce stress and anxiety, while also promoting communication and self-expression.

In addition to its alleged metaphysical properties, Amazonite is often used in jewelry-making for its beautiful color and unique patterns. Its striking appearance makes it a popular choice for those seeking to create eye-catching pieces of jewelry.

When used as a tumbled stone, Amazonite can be easily carried in a pocket or worn as jewelry to help promote its alleged healing properties. Its vibrant color and calming energy make it a popular choice among crystal enthusiasts and those seeking to enhance their spiritual practice.



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