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The Texas Witch Box Mystery Box - Free Domestic Shipping

The Texas Witch Box Mystery Box - Free Domestic Shipping

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Currently our processing time for one-time Texas Witch Box orders is one day. This box contains many items from our shop. We carry quite a few items that are not listed online too! 

*A magical mystery box to explore. Each box that you receive will change - you will ALWAYS get something different and we ALWAYS include extra goodies. 😉

* The retail values of the items in each box vary depending on the size you purchase. Please carefully below about read how many items you can expect to receive per box.

The witches at Kay’s Magic typically venture out into the world in search of new concepts to explore on our magical journey. We study our own cultures, religions, and ancestral roots so we can provide you with beautiful handmade inspired gifts.

Texas has a rich and diverse culture of magic and there’s plenty to learn about! :)

We hand-make many items in the boxes including candles, smudge sticks, wax melts, spell bottles, and other magical ingredients. We also provide harder to find tools and supplies in each box to use with our handmade items!

Our raw stones and crystals are hand-cleaned, polished, and packed by Kay’s Magic LLC.

We also take the time to smoke cleanse our stones and charge them with the intended intention for you.

Occasionally, you may receive engraved items - We do these engraved items ourselves. :)

You are guaranteed to be amazed, and engaged in what your box contains. It is our hope is that these boxes help fuel the spiritual awakening, education, and growth of others! ❤️

We are always available for questions, however, we encourage you to research the items that you receive. We can tell you basics, but that’s usually just scratching the surface!


PLEASE, include your level of experience and list any relevant information including herbs that you may need, or tools/crystals you don’t have.

If you have purchased a past box from us, please let us know so we can pull your past orders and avoid duplicate items. We record notes on each order and we can reference your past orders to see what we’ve already sent you! Orders between March 2021 - May 2021 may not have had order contents recorded. If you placed an order between this time, please tell us so we can follow up with you about any questions!

This is super important to avoid you having disappointment about receiving items you can’t use or already have!! The best boxes are built when you tell us a little about yourself or the person you ordered for. Every note is read by us before we build your box and we take all information into consideration when possible!!! Please leave them! 😊❤️


—> You have a chance to receive any of the following items in your mystery box. The beginning of the list contains the most common items contained in the smaller, more popular boxes - towards the end of the list, you will find the rarer items listed that you may receive in the larger mystery boxes.

• Crystals
• Stones
• Loose Incense Blends
• Bottled/bagged Herbs, Roots, and Powders
• Mini Smudge Sticks
• Mini Wands
• Keychains & Amulets
• Candles
• Spell Bottles
• Bath Teas
• Drink Mixes
• Incense Cones and Sticks
• Incense Burners
• Rolls of Charcoal Discs
• Altar Tools
• Pendulums
• Spell Oils
• Home Decor
• Protection Charms
• Journals
• Divination Tools
• Floor Washes
• Floor Sweeps
• Oil Warmers
• Witchy Beauty Stuff
• Altar Tables
• Altar Furniture
• Mortar and Pestles
• Chalices
• Rune Sets
• Crystal Grids
• Pendulum Boards / Mats
• Ouija Boards / Spirit Boards
• Full-sized Smudge Sticks
• Back-flow Incense Burners
• Herb Grinders
• Newly Discovered Magical Curiosities
• ANY of the other listings!

*Occasionally we make custom items for our customer’s boxes. A great example of us doing this is from one of our newest items: The Attract Money Mojo Bag Keychain (available in all box sizes!!!)! A customer asked for a money mojo bag, so we made a cute keychain just for her! ❤️ Ask us for a mojo bag in your box today! 

There are 7 box sizes available:

1. XXS Box (1-3 items $10

XXS Sample Mystery Box; each contains 1-3 small items from the beginning of the list!

2. XS Box (4-5 items $15)

3. Small box (6-8 items $35)

4. Medium box (9-11 items $50)

5. Large Box (13-15 items $100)

6. Extra Large Box (15-16+ items $150).

7. ‼️NEW‼️ The Witch’s Trunk (40+ items for $300) expect a retail value over $400!

8. ‼️NEW‼️ The Witch’s Chest - A massive value up $600-$800 retail!

*Some items will have retail price tags from our brick and mortar store attached. We do not remove these tags unless specifically requested (even on gift orders). We do not plan to exclude price tags on individual items. We’ve received feedback that people appreciate being able to figure out their box’s value!

*we try to included personalized packing lists with each order, however, due to covid, reduced hours, and order volume, some boxes may not receive personalized notes. You are welcome to message us for any guidance on your box!


Disclaimer: Kay’s Magic does not make any claims or guarantees about the outcome of your work. We can only try to influence the odds with our own magical practice, however, we cannot force things to be so. The buyer assumes all responsibility upon purchase. Keep herbs away from children, and pets. Do not ingest these herbs. These are not intended to treat or prevent any illness, disease or injury. Contents may shift during shipping.

If you receive a damaged item, we will happily replace it for you!


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