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Tea-light / Small Votive Candle Sampler Box, 6 Pc

Tea-light / Small Votive Candle Sampler Box, 6 Pc

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The Tea-light / Small Votive Candle Sampler Box is a set of 6 candles that come in various scents and colors. The candles are small in size, making them perfect for use in tea-light or votive candle holders. The sampler box includes a variety of scents such as lavender, vanilla, citrus, and more. Each candle has a burn time of approximately 6-8 hours, allowing you to enjoy the scents for a long time. The candles are made from high-quality wax, ensuring a clean and even burn. The sampler box is a great way to try out different scents and find your favorite. It also makes a great gift for someone who loves candles or aromatherapy.🥰

Our candles include:

Spell Candles:

- Happiness (Yellow)
- Truth (Blue)
- Protection (Black)
- Evil Eye (Blue)
- Healing (Dark Purple)
- Sleep (Light Purple)
- Psychic Flex (Pink-Purple + Crystals)
- Blessing of the Sun (Light Orange + Crystals + Herbs/Flowers)
- Dark Goddess Offering (Dark Purple + Crystals + Herbs/Flowers)
- Money Draw (Green)
- Attract Money (Green + Crystals + Herbs/Flowers)
- Grounding (Brown)
- Purification (White)
- Prosperity (Green)
- Emotional Stability (Turquoise)
- Passion / Love (Red)
- Self Love / Standard Love Drawing (Pink)
- Ancestor Guidance (White)
- Witch’s Brew (Black)
- Witch’s Purse (Dark Green)
- Transformation (Cream)
- Solutions (Dark Orange)
- Power and Energy (Bright Orange)
- Happy Home (Dark Red)
- Inner Work (Baby Blue)

Regular Candles:

- “Over the Moon” Series (18 different colors & Scents)
- Rolled Beeswax Container Tea-lights (Multiple Colors)
- Dragons Blood Scent (Red)
- White Sage Scent (White)
- Sweetgrass Scent (Green)
- Lavender Scent (Purple)
- Coffee Scent (Brown)
- Orange Scent (Orange)

You will receive tealights OR small votive candles. What you receive will be limited to what we currently have in stock. To request a candle or two, send us a message when you place your order. We will happily accommodate requests when possible.

Any spell candles sent come with matching intention prayer cards. We also include bonus gifts in these boxes such as crystals, extra candles, and even mini smudge sticks!


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