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Sage, Rose & Carnation Dried Burn Bundle, Smudge Stick

Sage, Rose & Carnation Dried Burn Bundle, Smudge Stick

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The Sage, Rose & Carnation Smudge Stick is not only a beautiful and fragrant tool, it also has powerful magical properties.

Sage is known for its ability to clear negative energy and purify a space, making it a popular choice for smudging rituals. Its smoke has been used for centuries in spiritual practices to create a protective barrier around the home or person, warding off evil spirits and negative energies.

Rose, on the other hand, is often associated with love and compassion. Its sweet, floral aroma can help to soothe frayed nerves and open the heart chakra, inviting in feelings of love and positivity. When combined with sage, rose can enhance the purifying effects of the ritual, creating a sense of peace and harmony in the space.

Carnation is another powerful addition to this smudge stick. Its bright, cheerful energy can help to uplift the mood and create a positive atmosphere. It is often used in rituals for love, healing, and protection, as it is believed to have strong magical properties that protect against negative energies and promote good fortune.

Together, these three ingredients create a powerful smudge stick that not only smells amazing, but also has the ability to clear negative energy, invite love and positivity, and create a protective barrier around your space. Use it during meditation, before a ritual, or any time you want to refresh your environmentand connect with the power of nature.


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