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Rune Spell Beeswax Carved Standard Votive Candle Set, 6 pcs

Rune Spell Beeswax Carved Standard Votive Candle Set, 6 pcs

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The Rune Spell Beeswax Carved Standard Votive Candle Set is a collection of six beautiful and powerful candles that have been specially designed to activate and enhance your spell work.

These candles are made from natural beeswax, which is known for its purity and ability to purify the energy around you. Each candle has been artfully carved with three different runes that work together to create a powerful spell.

The set includes six different Rune Spells, each with its own unique energy and intention. These spells include Strength, Drive Away Evil, Fertility, Abundance, Power, and Divine Visions. Whether you're looking to attract good luck, manifest abundance, or connect with your spiritual guides, these candles can help you achieve your goals.

To use the candles, simply place them on a flat surface and light them. As the candles burn down, they will release their powerful energy into your surroundings, helping to manifest your intentions and desires.

Overall, the Rune Spell Beeswax Carved Standard Votive Candle Set is an excellent tool for anyone who is interested in magic, spirituality, or personal growth. With their beautiful design and powerful energy, these candles can help you tap into your inner wisdom and unleash your full potential.

Here are affirmations for each of the six candles in the Rune Spell Beeswax Carved Standard Votive Candle Set:

1. Strength: "I am strong and capable, and I can handle anything that comes my way."
2. Drive Away Evil: "I release all negative energy from my life and welcome only positivity and love."
3. Fertility: "I am fertile in mind, body, and soul, and open to new opportunities and possibilities."
4. Abundance: "I attract abundance and prosperity into my life, and am grateful for all that I have."
5. Power: "I am powerful beyond measure and can manifest my dreams and desires effortlessly."
6. Divine Visions: "I am connected to the Divine and open to receiving guidance and wisdom for my highest good."

Repeat these affirmations as you light the corresponding candle, and visualize yourself embodying these qualities and manifesting your intentions. Enjoy the beautiful energy and magic that these candles bring into your life!


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