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Red & Black Herb Grinder, 2 Pc, 3.5 inches

Red & Black Herb Grinder, 2 Pc, 3.5 inches

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Introducing the Red & Black Herb Grinder, a two piece grinder designed to help you get the most out of your herbs. Instead of crushing the leaves and stems manually or with a standard grinder, this grinder provides a much easier, faster and more efficient way to grind your herbs.

The exterior of the grinder is made of a durable and attractive resin material, which comes in a beautiful red & black finish. The grinder also features a unique pour pattern that adds extra style to the piece.

The grinder is designed with a sharp, diamond-shaped teeth that quickly and easily grinds up even the toughest herbs. The teeth also provide an even consistency, ensuring that all of your herbs are ground uniformly. The grinders are 3.5" in size, making them perfect for both traveling and home use.

The Red & Black Herb Grinder is a great tool for anyone who enjoys herbs and wants to be able to quickly and easily grind them. The durable and attractive material ensures that it will last for years, while the beautiful design and quality construction make it stand out from the competition. With the ability to quickly grind up herbs, this herb grinder will have you enjoying your herbs faster than ever before.

3.5 Inch Resin Grinder

You will receive a grinder similar to the style pictured.

The photos are previous orders, therefore, you may notice slight additions and/or customizations on the grinders pictured. All of our grinders are made to order to prevent waste. ☺️

Please be aware that these grinders are created in layers that take 24 hours to cure between layers :) Processing times can vary however they range between 3-7 days. Please order at least 2 weeks in advance if purchasing as a gift!


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