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Pink & Black Floral Resin Ouija Board - Handmade

Pink & Black Floral Resin Ouija Board - Handmade

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The Pink & Black Floral Resin Ouija Board - an intricately designed and handcrafted piece that combines the mystical elements of a classic Ouija board with the delicate beauty of dried flowers.

Our artisans have carefully arranged a variety of dried blooms, including roses, babys breath, and lavender, to create a stunning floral arrangement that spreads across the surface of the board. Each petal and stem has been placed with precision, resulting in a beautiful tapestry of colors and textures that enhances the enchanting atmosphere.

The resin material used in the construction of the board ensures that it is both durable and long-lasting, allowing you to use it for years to come. The unique floral design makes this board a perfect addition to any decor, whether displayed as a work of art or used as a tool for divination.

The Pink & Black Floral Resin Ouija Board features a smooth surface that enables you to easily glide the planchette over the letters, numbers, and symbols to receive messages from the spirit world.

Order your own Pink & Black Floral Resin Ouija Board today and experience the magic and beauty of this extraordinary piece for yourself. Whether youre a seasoned spiritual practitioner or a curious beginner, this board is sure to amaze and delight.

Each board is made to order and no two arrangements are alike.


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