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Mystic Shadow Pendulum - Handmade - Resin

Mystic Shadow Pendulum - Handmade - Resin

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Welcome to the world of mystique with the Mystic Shadow Pendulum.

Handcrafted with black-grey mica, each pendulum sparkles with an alluring shimmer that makes it one-of-a-kind. The minimalist design of the sleek stainless-steel chain and clay holding bead adds a sophisticated touch to its elegant appearance.

This pendulum is ideal for anyone looking to connect with the mystical and the unseen. It can be used in divination or various forms of energy work to help you find answers, clarity, or guidance. However, its important to note that careful consideration must be taken when seeking to contact the spirit world.

To use the Mystic Shadow Pendulum, hold the chain lightly between your thumb and index finger and allow the pendulum to sway freely. Ask a question, and pay attention to the direction of the pendulums swing - a yes answer is typically indicated by a clockwise rotation; counterclockwise for no; back and forth for maybe.

In addition to its mystical properties, this pendulum also boasts color correspondences that can aid in your magical workings. The black-grey mica relates to grounding and protection, while the silver metal corresponds with intuition and clarity. Together, they make a powerful combination for any spiritual or magickal practice.

The Mystic Shadow Pendulum is a unique and enchanting piece that is sure to catch the eye of anyone who values the mystical and the unknown. Use it with care, honor its power, and invite its magic into your life.


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