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Moonstone, Raw

Moonstone, Raw

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Moonstone is a beautiful and mystical mineral that is highly regarded for its unique physical properties as well as its spiritual and magical qualities. This raw Moonstone specimen features a rough, unpolished surface with a milky white color and flashes of blue or rainbow iridescence.

In terms of physical properties, Moonstone is a type of feldspar mineral that is composed primarily of aluminum, potassium, and silicon. It has a hardness rating of 6 on the Mohs scale, which makes it relatively durable but still prone to scratching or chipping if exposed to rough handling or impact.

However, it is the spiritual and magical qualities of Moonstone that truly make it stand out. Moonstone is closely associated with the element of water and the moon, and is often used in spells and rituals related to emotional healing, intuition, and psychic abilities. It is also believed to have a calming effect on the emotions and can be used to soothe anxiety, stress, and other negative feelings.

Some popular ways to use Moonstone in magic include wearing it as jewelry or carrying it in a pouch, incorporating it into a crystal grid or meditation practice, or placing it on an altar to enhance the energy of other magical tools. Moonstone can also be used in divination or dream work, as it is said to enhance intuition and psychic abilities.

Overall, Moonstone is a beautiful and powerful mineral that holds many benefits for those seeking to deepen their spiritual practice or tap into their innate intuitive abilities. This raw Moonstone specimen is sure to inspire awe and wonder in anyone who beholds it, and is a must-have for any serious crystal enthusiast or magical practitioner


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