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Mini Ritual Triangle Candle, Choose Color

Mini Ritual Triangle Candle, Choose Color

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The Mini Ritual Triangle Candle is a small, triangular-shaped candle that is perfect for use in rituals, spells, or simply as a decorative item in your home. It is available in a variety of colors to suit your preferences and intentions, including black for protection and banishing, white for purity and cleansing, red for love and passion, green for prosperity and abundance, and more.

Each candle is handmade using high-quality wax and features a cotton wick for a clean, even burn. Its small size makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go, allowing you to perform rituals or spells on-the-go.

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your journey into the world of magic and spirituality, the Mini Ritual Triangle Candle is a versatile and powerful tool to add to your collection.

Color magic correspondences:

- Red: passion, love, lust, courage, energy, strength, fertility, willpower, and vitality
- Pink: romance, friendship, compassion, emotional healing, and self-love
- Orange: creativity, confidence, success, ambition, and enthusiasm
- Yellow: intellect, communication, clarity, focus, and happiness
- Green: growth, abundance, money, fertility, healing, and nature
- Blue: peace, tranquility, meditation, communication, and protection
- Purple: spirituality, wisdom, intuition, psychic abilities, and magickal power
- Black: protection, banishing, grounding, and absorbing negativity
- White: purity, cleansing, peace, and new beginnings
- Brown: stability, grounding, and attracting money
- Gray: neutrality, balance, and removing negativity
- Silver: intuition, lunar magic, and feminine energy
- Gold: prosperity, success, and solar magic

These correspondences can vary depending on personal preference, cultural associations, and tradition. It's always best to do your own research and trust your intuition when working with color magic.


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