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Manifestation Spell Candle, Cinnamon, Orange

Manifestation Spell Candle, Cinnamon, Orange

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Introducing our Manifestation Spell Candle, a powerful tool for anyone looking to manifest their desires and attract abundance into their life. This candle is infused with the scents of cinnamon and orange, two potent herbs known for their manifestation and money-drawing properties.

The candle is a vibrant orange color, which is associated with creativity, joy, and abundance – making it the perfect color for manifestation. The candle is infused with the scent of cinnamon, a potent herb known for its money-drawing properties. Cinnamon is believed to attract wealth and prosperity, making it an ideal scent for this candle. The scent of orange helps to uplift and energize the spirit, promoting a positive and abundant mindset.

The Manifestation Spell Candle is ideal for use in money spells, abundance rituals, or as a daily reminder of your financial goals.

Overall, our Manifestation Spell Candle is a valuable tool for anyone looking to attract abundance and prosperity into their life. With its vibrant color and potent scent, this candle is sure to enhance your manifestation and money-drawing practices and bring abundance and prosperity into your life. Use it to set your intentions, focus your energy, and manifest your desires.


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