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Make-Up OR Break-Up?! 3-Day Spell Intention Candle

Make-Up OR Break-Up?! 3-Day Spell Intention Candle

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You will receive a candle with 3 colors and scents meant to be burned 3 consecutive days.

Should I stay or should I go? Every now and then we all ask ourselves if the relationship we’re in is built to last. This candle takes us through a reflective journey and seeks to answer the question. Sometimes relationships run their course, but sometimes, they are meant to endure on.

The Make-Up OR Break-Up?! 3-Day Spell Intention Candle is a powerful tool for those seeking to mend a broken relationship or release themselves from an unhealthy one. The candle is layered in three colors: dark orange, purple, and teal, each representing a different aspect of the spell's intention.

The dark orange layer symbolizes passion, desire, and attraction, helping to rekindle lost feelings of love and connection between partners. The purple layer represents wisdom, intuition, and psychic abilities, allowing you to tap into your inner guidance and make informed decisions about your relationships. Finally, the teal layer represents healing, renewal, and emotional balance, helping to release negative energy and emotions that may be holding you back.

By lighting the Make-Up OR Break-Up?! 3-Day Spell Intention Candle with a clear intention and focus, you can create a powerful energy shift in your relationships. Whether you are hoping to reconcile with a past lover or end a toxic relationship, this candle is designed to support your journey towards a more authentic and fulfilling love life.

It is important to note that while the Make-Up OR Break-Up?! 3-Day Spell Intention Candle can be a helpful tool in promoting positive change in your relationships, it should never be used as a substitute for professional advice or therapy. Always consult with a qualified practitioner before making any major life changes, especially those affecting your emotional well-being.

What’s meant to be, will be, and we cannot change destiny. It’s up to you to sit down and look at how you are accountable and how you can improve to better your relationship. 

We only help you give you a little push in the right direction.

We do not guarantee results.

Here is an affirmation that you can use while lighting the Make-Up OR Break-Up?! 3-Day Spell Intention Candle:

"I am open to the guidance and support of this candle, as I work towards healing and transforming my relationships. With clear intention and focus, I trust that this candle will help bring me closer to the love and connection that I seek. I release any negative energy or emotions that may be holding me back, and welcome in positive change and growth. I am grateful for the support of this candle, and for the opportunity to create a more authentic and fulfilling love life."

Remember, affirmations are personal and can be tailored to fit your specific needs and intentions. Use this one as a starting point, but feel free to modify or create your own as you see fit. Trust in the power of your own words and intentions, and allow the candle to support you on your journey towards a happier, healthier relationship.


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