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Love Drawing Herb & Spell Bottle Kit

Love Drawing Herb & Spell Bottle Kit

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The Love Drawing Herb & Spell Bottle Kit is a fantastic tool designed to help you manifest love and romance in your life. Using this kit, you can combine specific herbs and crystals in a specific way that creates a potent energy to attract love and positive relationships.

This kit comes with everything you need to create your own love drawing herb and spell bottle. The package includes a glass bottle, crystals, cork stopper, and instructions on how to make your own custom spells or incantations. Additionally, you may personalize your bottle with small mementos or symbols that hold personal significance.

Using the Love Drawing Herb & Spell Bottle Kit is an incredibly simple and effective way to manifest your desires for love and companionship. Following the provided instructions, you can use the herbs and crystals to create a powerful talisman that will attract love and positive energy into your life.

The Love Drawing Herb & Spell Bottle Kit is an excellent tool for harnessing the power of nature and your own intent to create something meaningful and powerful. Whether you're looking for a new relationship or simply wanting to strengthen an existing one, this beautifully crafted kit can help you achieve your goals.

Each kit comes with a unique affirmation for protection. We will write a new affirmation for each customer :)

You will receive in your kit:
-Rose Petals
-Lemon Verbena Leaves
-Beet Root Powder
-Yarrow Flower
-Hibiscus Flower
-Fire Quartz Crystal
-Wax Stick to seal bottle
-Glass Corked Bottle

You will receive a bag per herb that weighs approximately 1/4 oz.


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