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Justice Spell Candle, Skull Triangle Spell Candle, Truth and Justice Spell

Justice Spell Candle, Skull Triangle Spell Candle, Truth and Justice Spell

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The Justice Spell Candle is the perfect addition to any witch's altar. This handmade candle features a single flat triangle shape, with a unique handpainted skull on top. The words "justice" are carefully carved and painted onto the candle, making it a powerful tool for anyone seeking retribution or balance in their life.

This candle is infused with intentions and energy to help you manifest justice in your life. It is perfect for those who have been wronged and seek restitution, or for those who want to ensure that their actions and decisions align with fairness and integrity.

The candle is made with high-quality, natural ingredients and is free from harmful chemicals or additives. It emits a pleasant, soothing aroma that is sure to calm your mind and help you focus your intentions. With a burn time of approximately 12-15 mins, this candle is perfect for multiple spell castings or rituals.

The Justice Spell Candle is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it during meditation or visualization practices to help you focus your intentions on seeking justice. You can also use it during spell work or ritual ceremonies to enhance your magical powers.

Whether you're seeking personal justice, or wishing to bring balance and fairness to the world around you, the Justice Spell Candle is an essential tool for any witch or spiritual practitioner. It is a powerful reminder to always act with fairness and integrity, and to seek balance and harmony in all aspects of your life.

So if you're ready to take control of your life and manifest justice, then order your Justice Spell Candle today. With its unique design, powerful energies, and natural ingredients, this candle is sure to help you achieve your goals and manifest the justice you deserve.

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