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Herbs & Spices Set of 15 - Letter B Herbs

Herbs & Spices Set of 15 - Letter B Herbs

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Introducing Letter B Herbs, a carefully curated set of herbs and spices to enhance your culinary creations and promote overall wellness. Each bag in this set weighs approximately 0.25-0.3 ounces, providing just the right amount of each herb to elevate your dishes.

This set contains an assortment of herbs and spices that start with the letter "B." Bayberry root bark and barberry root bark are included for their astringent and bitter properties, while bay leaf is provided in either cut and sifted or whole form for its fragrant and flavorful addition to soups, stews, and sauces. Bee pollen granules are included for their natural sweetness and nutritional benefits, while beet root powder provides a vibrant color and earthy flavor to dishes.

Bentonite clay powder is included for its detoxifying and cleansing properties, while birch bark is provided for its anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects. Black cohosh root is included for its potential to alleviate menopausal symptoms, and blessed thistle is provided for its traditional use in digestive and respiratory health. Bloodroot, although optional, can be included for its potential skin benefits.

Blue vervain and boneset herb are included for their potential to alleviate headaches and promote relaxation, while buckthorn bark is included for its traditional use in supporting healthy bowel movements. Finally, burdock root and butcher's broom are provided for their potential to support liver health and circulation, respectively.

With Letter B Herbs, you can explore a variety of flavors and potential health benefits in your cooking and wellness routine

List of included:

Bayberry Root Bark
Barberry Root Bark
Bay Leaf (Cut and Sifted OR Whole)
Bee Pollen Granules
Beet Root Powder
Bentonite Claw Powder
Birch Bark
Black Cohosh Root
Blessed Thistle
Bloodroot (optional to leave off) - Please specify
Blue Vervain
Boneset Herb
Buckthorn Bark
Burdock Root
Butchers Broom

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