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Fertility Rune Spell Candle Votive, Orange Beeswax Candle, Orange Scent

Fertility Rune Spell Candle Votive, Orange Beeswax Candle, Orange Scent

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This Fertility Rune Spell Candle Votive is made from 100% pure beeswax and infused with an orange scent. The candle is designed to help promote fertility and increase the chances of conception. The orange color of the candle is associated with creativity and fertility in many cultures.

The candle is decorated with a Fertility Rune, a powerful symbol of fertility and abundance. The rune is believed to help connect with the energy of the earth and promote growth and fertility. Lighting this candle while meditating or focusing on your intentions may help attract positive energy and increase your chances of conceiving.

The beeswax used in this candle is sourced from ethically and sustainably managed hives, ensuring a high-quality product that is eco-friendly and safe to use. The candle has a burn time of approximately 15-20 hours and comes in a handy votive size, making it easy to use and transport.

You will receive an Orange beeswax (and orange scented) candle with a spell carved / painted onto it. Burn the candle to activate the runes.

This spell is not a cure or a substitute for fertility treatments. Results will vary per user. We make no guarantees about outcome. We wish you much success on your fertility journey ❤️

"I am open and ready to receive the gift of new life. I welcome fertility and abundance into my body, mind, and spirit. With each flame of this candle, I invite positive energy and blessings towards my journey. So mote it be."


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