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Crushed Labradorite, Labradorite Powder

Crushed Labradorite, Labradorite Powder

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Labradorite is a mesmerizing, iridescent stone with a unique beauty that can be admired in any setting. Its mysterious blue-green tones draw the eye and offer a transformative experience. It is said to be a powerful crystal that can help to reduce stress, boost confidence, and awaken your inner power. The crushed Labradorite powder we offer is perfect for a variety of applications.

This magical powder is made from natural Labradorite crystals, sourced from the African continent. Each crystal is carefully inspected and hand-selected to ensure quality, ensuring that every customer receives the best possible product. The stones are then crushed into a fine, powdery consistency, making it easy to work with and apply as needed.

In addition to its aesthetic properties, crushed Labradorite powder is believed to hold mystical and healing powers. Labradorite is believed to help open up new pathways for communication, self-expression, and spiritual awareness. It also encourages creativity and intuition, enhancing your inner wisdom.

Moreover, it can also be used to add beneficial elements to your environment. 

Our crushed Labradorite powder is an excellent addition to any collection and is sure to enliven any environment. A truly stunning and versatile item, it is ideal for those looking to bring out their creative side or invigorate theirhome with elegant and mysterious accents.

Choose the quantity of crushed labradorite. You will receive pieces of labradorite ranging in size from powder to 4mm.

It is optional to remove the powder and only receive very small chips. 


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