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Creative Spark 3-Day Spell Intention Candle

Creative Spark 3-Day Spell Intention Candle

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This Creative Spark 3-Day Spell Intention Candle is the perfect tool for anyone looking to ignite their creativity and unleash their inner artist. The candle is crafted from high-quality paraffin wax and is infused with a unique blend of essential oils to help you set your intentions and manifest your desires.

The light orange, red, and dark orange colors of this candle are specifically chosen for their associations with creativity, passion, and inspiration. The light orange color represents creativity and inspiration, while the red color symbolizes passion and energy. The dark orange color represents motivation and determination, making this candle the perfect choice for anyone looking to ignite their creative spark.

This 3-day spell intention candle does not contain any crystals or herbs, allowing you to focus solely on your intention and the power of your own manifestation. The candle comes with a set of instructions to help you perform a powerful creative spark ritual.

With this Creative Spark 3-Day Spell Intention Candle, you can harness the power of manifestation to ignite your creativity and unleash your inner artist. Simply light the candle and focus your intention on the flame, allowing the energy of the candle to help manifest your desires. By setting your intention and focusing your energy on your creativity, you can unlock your full potential and tap into your inner artist.

You will receive a candle with 3 colors and scents meant to be burned 3 consecutive days.

This spell is meant assist with opening your mind and easing creative blocks. Burn this candle while working, writing, painting, or any other artistic endeavors that you need the creative juices flowing for!

We provide the tools and your provide the extra push! Light this candle and get to work 😉

what’s meant to be, will be, and we cannot change destiny.

We only help you give you a little push in the right direction.

We do not guarantee results. 


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