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Tigers Eye Resin Pendulum, Choose Size

Tigers Eye Resin Pendulum, Choose Size

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The Tigers Eye Resin Pendulum is a powerful tool for connecting with the energy of the Earth and amplifying your intuition. This pendulum is made of natural Tiger’s Eye stone and enhanced with resin to create a beautiful and unique healing tool.

Tiger’s Eye is an ancient and revered stone that has long been used for protection, strength, and courage. The iron in this stone gives it an earthy and grounding energy, helping to instil balance and harmony in your life. The grounding energy of Tiger’s Eye helps keep you connected to the physical world and to the energies of the present moment.

The resin used in this pendulum enhances the power of the stone, while also offering additional healing benefits. It helps to focus and amplify the energy of the Tigers Eye, making it an ideal tool for divination and exploring the mysteries of the unseen world.

This pendulum comes in multiple sizes – small, medium, and large. Each size has its own unique vibration and offers a different level of energy for your healing and divination practice.

The small pendulum offers a gentle and calm energy. It is perfect for subtle, gentle readings and for those who are just beginning their divination journey.

The medium pendulum offers a balanced energy, combining the softness of the small size with a slightly more intense vibration. It is ideal for more experienced readers and those seeking greater insight into their questions.

The large pendulum offers the power of the Tiger’s Eye Resin Pendulum in its fullest. This size is great for deep divination and exploration, as well as for seekers looking to access harder-to-reach realms.

Each size of this pendulum is blessed with sacred energy, allowing you to access the power of the Stone in whichever way calls to you. Whether you are just beginning your healing journey or are an experienced reader, the Tigers EyeResin Pendulum is the perfect companion.


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