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Ancestor Votive Spell Candle

Ancestor Votive Spell Candle

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The Ancestor Votive Spell Candle in white is a powerful tool for connecting with your ancestors and seeking their guidance and blessings. White is a color that represents purity, clarity, and spiritual illumination, making it a fitting choice for this type of work.

To use the Ancestor Votive Spell Candle, begin by setting up a quiet space for yourself where you can focus and meditate without distraction. Light the candle and visualize a bright white light shining out from its flame, filling the room with a peaceful and comforting energy.

As you sit with the candle, call upon your ancestors and ask for their presence and guidance. You may want to speak to them aloud or silently in your mind, expressing your gratitude for their wisdom and support.

You can also use this candle to honor your ancestors and pay tribute to their memory. Consider setting up a small altar or shrine with photos or other mementos that remind you of your loved ones who have passed on. Light the candle in their honor, and spend some time reflecting on the impact they have had on your life.

Remember that the power of the Ancestor Votive Spell Candle comes from your own intention and energy, so make sure to stay focused on your desired outcome and allow yourself to fully embrace the transformative power of this powerful tool.


"I honor and connect with my ancestors, who guide me with their wisdom and love. Through the light of this candle, I invite their presence and guidance into my life."


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