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Purification / Cleansing Votive Spell Candle

Purification / Cleansing Votive Spell Candle

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The Purification/Cleansing Votive Spell Candle is a product designed to aid in the process of removing negative energy from your environment and promoting a sense of peace and clarity. This candle is typically made with natural ingredients, such as essential oils and herbs, that have been selected for their ability to cleanse and purify.

Using this candle is a simple yet effective process. Start by finding a quiet and comfortable space where you can light the candle without distractions. Before lighting the candle, take a moment to set your intention for the purification process. You can do this by focusing on your breath and visualizing the negativity leaving your space.

Once you are ready, light the candle and let it burn for at least 15-20 minutes. As the candle burns, pay attention to any sensations or emotions that arise within you. This may include feelings of release or a sense of calmness. You can also use this time to recite positive affirmations or meditate on your intention.

Remember to always use the candle safely by placing it on a stable surface away from flammable materials and never leaving it unattended. With regular use, the Purification/Cleansing Votive Spell Candle can help you create a more positive and peaceful environment.

Some examples of affirmations that you can use during the purification process include "I release all negative energy from my space," "I am surrounded by positivity and light," or "I am filled with peace and clarity." By repeating these affirmations to yourself while using the Purification/Cleansing Votive Spell Candle, you can enhance the effectiveness of the candle and help create a more positive atmosphere in your environment.


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