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Bloodstone, Rough, Large

Bloodstone, Rough, Large

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Bloodstone is a type of dark green and red mineral that has been used throughout history for its healing and protective properties. This particular Bloodstone, Rough, Large specimen features a rough, textured surface and measures approximately 2-3 inches in size.

In terms of magical correspondences, Bloodstone is associated with the element of earth and the planet Mars. It is often used in spells and rituals related to protection, courage, strength, and vitality. Bloodstone can also be used to ward off negative energy or entities and promote overall well-being.

Some popular ways to use Bloodstone in magic include carrying it in a mojo bag or amulet for protection, placing it on an altar to enhance spellwork or meditation, or incorporating it into a crystal grid for healing or manifestation purposes.

Overall, Bloodstone is a powerful and versatile tool for anyone looking to enhance their spiritual or magical practice. Whether you're seeking protection, strength, or vitality, this rough, large specimen is sure to deliver powerful results.


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