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Bat Herb Grinder & Tray Set, Yellow & Black

Bat Herb Grinder & Tray Set, Yellow & Black

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A Bat Herb Grinder & Tray Set is a comprehensive kit designed for individuals who enjoy smoking or vaping dry herbs. The set includes both a grinder and a tray, both of which are adorned with a unique Bat design that will certainly appeal to those with a taste for the macabre.

The herb grinder is an essential accessory for those who prefer to smoke or vape dry herbs, as it effectively grinds your material into smaller pieces, making it easier to consume. The Bat Herb Grinder in this set is made from high-quality resin, which ensures durability and longevity. Its diamond-shaped teeth ensure that the herbs are ground evenly and efficiently, resulting in a smoother smoking experience.

The tray included in this set is also adorned with the same Bat design, providing a cohesive aesthetic throughout the set. The tray is designed to catch any excess herb that may fall out during the grinding process, making it easy to clean up and reuse.

Overall, the Bat Herb Grinder & Tray Set is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys smoking or vaping dry herbs. Its unique design is sure to set it apart from other, more generic herb grinders on the market, and its high-quality construction ensures that it will last for years to come


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