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Attract Money Spell Bottle, 4 Sizes

Attract Money Spell Bottle, 4 Sizes

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*Only the small and medium bottles are pictured. These bottles vary in shape and size  

Attract Money Spell Bottle is a powerful tool that can help attract wealth, abundance, and prosperity into your life. This spell bottle is carefully crafted using natural herbs, oils, and crystals that are believed to have money-drawing properties.

The Attract Money Spell Bottle contains a blend of natural herbs, including cinnamon, bay leaves, and chamomile. These herbs are known for their ability to attract wealth and prosperity, helping to open up new opportunities for financial success. In addition, this spell bottle also contains citrine crystals, which are believed to have a powerful money-drawing effect.

To use the Attract Money Spell Bottle, simply hold it in your hands and focus your intention on attracting wealth and abundance. You can also carry the spell bottle with you, place it on your desk, or use it in meditation or ritual practices.

The Attract Money Spell Bottle comes in four different sizes, making it easy to choose the right one for your needs. Whether you need a small bottle to carry with you on-the-go or a larger bottle to use in your home or office, this spell bottle is a powerful tool for attracting wealth and prosperity.

Overall, the Attract Money Spell Bottle is a natural and effective way to promote financial success and prosperity. Whether used for spiritual or physical purposes, this blend is a valuable addition to any money-drawing practice. We make each item with love and care, but it's important to note that we do not guarantee results with any of our products. The effectiveness of the Attract Money Spell Bottle may vary depending on individual circumstances and factors. We recommend using this spell bottle in conjunction with other money-drawing practices, such as visualization, affirmations, and hard work. With patience, dedication, and an open mind, the Attract Money Spell Bottle can be a valuable tool for manifesting wealth and abundance in your life.

In each bottle, you will find:

Marjoram - for good luck, happiness, health, and money
Cinnamon - for money drawing, luck, power, success, strength
Chamomile - to attract money, luck in gambling, prophetic dreams
Allspice - for good luck, money, energy, determination, and gain
Nutmeg - for prosperity, fortune, good luck, and clairvoyance
Dill - for evil eye protection, multiplying money, protection, love

Each bottle's cork is then sealed with green and white candle wax.

This bottle can remain sealed and carried as a charm to attract money and fortune to you. These bottles make fantastic additions to any altar, and are great trinkets to gift. You can definitely appreciate the versatility of this little bottle! The possibilities for use are endless!!


Disclaimer: Kay’s Magic does not make any claims or guarantees about the outcome of your workings. I can only try to influence the odds with my own magical practice, however, I can not force things to be so. The buyer assumes all responsibility upon purchase. Keep herbs away from children, and pets. Do not ingest these herbs. These are curio items only, not intended to treat or prevent any illness, disease or injury. Contents may shift during shipping.


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