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Abalone Shell, Small Sizes, Single Shell, Priced by Length

Abalone Shell, Small Sizes, Single Shell, Priced by Length

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Introducing our exquisite Abalone Shell, available in small sizes and sold as a single shell. This beautiful shell is priced by length, making it an affordable addition to your collection or home decor.

Each shell is unique with its vibrant colors and iridescent surface, reflecting shades of blue, green, and purple. These shells are perfect for crafting, jewelry-making, or simply displaying as a decorative piece.

Abalone shells are also believed to have healing properties and are commonly used in spiritual practices. With its natural beauty and potential for spiritual benefits, our Abalone Shell is a must-have for any nature enthusiast or collector. Order yours today and add a touch of natural beauty to your life!

Abalone shells are believed to have a range of spiritual properties and uses, including:

1. Smudging: Abalone shells are commonly used as a vessel for smudging. They are believed to help carry the smoke from sage or other herbs during the smudging ritual, and the iridescent surface is said to promote a sense of calm and tranquility.

2. Protection: Abalone shells are thought to provide protection to those who carry them or keep them in their home. They are believed to ward off negative energy, evil spirits, and bad luck.

3. Healing: Abalone shells are often used in healing practices, such as crystal healing. The shells are believed to enhance emotional and physical healing, and to promote a sense of well-being.

4. Spiritual connection: Abalone shells are thought to help connect the user with the spiritual realm. They are believed to enhance intuition, insight, and spiritual awareness.

5. Decorative purposes: Abalone shells are also commonly used for decorative purposes, as they are beautiful and unique. They can be displayed on their own or used as a vessel for other decorative items.

Overall, Abalone shells are a versatile and valuable tool for anyone interested in spirituality, healing, or simply adding a touch of natural beauty to their life.

We recommend layering incense burning sand into your shell before placing direct heat (like charcoal discs or incense cones) to avoid damage.

These shells are our smallest variety and range between 1 - 3.5 inches long. These shells are priced according to length.


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