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Seven 7 Chakra Crystal Chip Glass Cork Bottle, Multiple Sizes

Seven 7 Chakra Crystal Chip Glass Cork Bottle, Multiple Sizes

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The Seven 7 Chakra Crystal Chip Glass Cork Bottle is the perfect way to display the seven chakras and share the healing energy of each of the crystals. Offering multiple sizes to cater to different needs, this bottle includes seven crystal chips - one for each chakra - and a handmade cork stopper to keep the chips in place as you move them around.

The Red Jasper chip represents the root chakra and is known to bring stability, balance, and grounding energies. It is believed to be connected to the physical body, promoting strength, vitality, and steadiness to the wearer.

The Tigers Eye chip represents the sacral chakra and helps to create a strong sense of personal power and focus. It is believed to be connected to the emotions, aiding in developing patience and understanding.

The Yellow Aventurine chip represents the solar plexus chakra, which is connected to strength of will and the ability to tackle life’s obstacles. It is believed to help transform negative energy into positive power.

The Green Aventurine chip represents the heart chakra, which is associated with unconditional love and acceptance. It is believed to bring balance and harmony to relationships and increase feelings of empathy and compassion.

The Lapis Lazuli crystal chip represents the throat chakra, which is connected to communication and expression. It is believed to help clear away mental confusion and foster honest dialogue.

The Amethyst chip represents the third eye chakra, which aids in connecting to higher realms of consciousness. It is believed to aid in visualization and provide spiritual insight and protection.

Finally, the Clear Quartz crystal chip represents the crown chakra, which is believed to be the gateway to the divine. It is often used to help cleanse the mind and heighten spiritual awareness.

Each crystal chip displays unique characteristics and subtle variations in color, size, and shape – an added bonus that makes each Seven 7 Chakra Crystal Chip Glass Cork Bottle a truly special item. Whether you are looking to heal, protect, or just decorate, this bottle provides an ideal way to combine the healing power of crystal energy with the functionality of a glass container.

You will receive a glass corked bottle with the following crystal chips layered from top to bottom:

Red Jasper
Tigers Eye
Yellow Aventurine
Green Aventurine
Lapis Lazuli
Clear Quartz

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