Appointments REQUIRED: In-Store Shopping

Hello there!

Starting on December 19, 2022, appointments will be required to visit Kay’s Magic and shop in person. Click here to schedule your appointment  

Kays Magic is a handmade metaphysical shop, and as such, most of our products are custom made to order. Many of our items take multiple days to make and include multiple steps across the creative process.
We do carry many standard supplies that are available for purchase from the general public. We also have some ready-to-go resin items for purchase, as well as, other custom work.

Please continue reading for the rest of our new updates.

*Appointments are free to book and only require an hour in advance.
*You may choose a 15 minute time period. We ask that you arrive on-time to your appointment. Please arrive a few minutes early to find parking.
*There is a 10 minute grace period before your appointment is canceled. If you are late to your appointment, unfortunately, we cannot extend your shopping time due to other scheduled appointments. Late appointments may not be eligible for a free consultation before purchase. 
*Up to 4 adults may accompany you to your appointment - no max number of well-behaved children. Additional adults will need to schedule an appointment for themselves. 
*We allow up to 3 appointments per time slot to allow us to allocate a 5 minute consultation to each scheduled appointment. 
*Multiple canceled appointments may result in your account being deactivated or your appointment privileges suspended. We ask that you are considerate of our time and do not waste it by missing your appointments repeatedly


***Employees are not allowed to open the doors to customers who do not have an active appointment scheduled***

*We apologize for any convenience, however, we thank you for keeping our safety in mind! 

Curbside Pick-Up, Local Delivery, and Ship to Home are still available. 
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